Sofia Olexia-Daigle is a Louisiana Native.

She enjoys creating art that not only hopes to inspire others but also hopes to have others relate to her art. Sofia mainly works in ceramics, glass, colored pencils, and acrylic but also has experience in; mural work, printmaking, photography, and digital art.

Sofia seeks to do outreach with different artists and youth artists in the future. She has worked with different artists and hopes to continue connecting with them and learning and creating art with them.

Sofia is motivated to create pieces that bring unity and joy to the community, regularly volunteering her time to teach youth who may otherwise not have access to the arts.

Much of her work, regardless of the media, is constantly about celebrating women and their various societal representations. She enjoys including different races, body shapes, and identities in her work, believing that representation matters.

Art has such involvement and impact in Sofia’s life that she created this quote; “My passions are my life. Telling me to stop doing what I love is like telling me to stop breathing."She is passionate about sharing unique and relatable work and inspires others to view art as a way to tell their own stories.